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Automotive repairs and welding in Netley

At Abbey Auto Repairs we are fully equipped for all welding and car bodywork to ensure your vehicle is running at and looking its best. If you’ve got severe rust or corrosion, you might fail your MOT. We are able to provide quality and efficient services to ensure that doesn’t happen.

20 years of quality services

We’ve been working since 1998 providing quality services for our customers. We have 20 years of experience in welding at Abbey Auto Repairs, Netley. Our qualified technicians can deliver cost-effective solutions for your bodywork. We find a way to ensure you can get structural damage and restorations for your vehicle at competitive prices. We offer the highest quality repairs and welding for your vehicle to ensure lasting work and parts.

Major to minor structural damage

If you’ve experienced a small dent or scratch or your need major bodywork for your vehicle, no welding job is too big or small for us. You can book all welding online and send us pictures, or come down to the garage in Netley and we’ll take a look. We can provide you with a proper quote when we take a look at the problem. We’re always upfront about prices and provide you with a written quote so you can make an informed decision.

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Signs your air conditioning needs repairing

If your air conditioning isn’t cooling down as quickly as it used to or isn’t blowing any cold air out at all, it might be time for a re-gas. Your air conditioning system leaks out from the vents and joints about 10% of the refrigerant gas each year, as this gets low the system starts to become inefficient. If you’re also noticing an unpleasant smells or pools of condensation, then you might need your system cleaned out and checked for any leaks and blocks. Over time, daily dust and dirt can escape into the system which can cause bacteria build up. If not treated with anti-bacterial properties and checked for leaks it can cause serious problems with your air conditioning.

Exhaust repairs

If your exhaust has rusted or corroded it may be time for a replacement. We thoroughly test and inspect your exhaust including all pipes, silencers and catalytic converters before recommended any repairs. We can source parts easily and at competitive and affordable prices. We ensure you get the best quality parts that are tailored to your vehicle for maximum results.

Complete car restorations

If you need major work done for your car, we can help at Abbey Auto Repairs. Whether it’s your suspension mounts, alloy wheel repairs, exhausts, chassis or any structural damage we can help you get your car looking and driving well again. Our specialist technicians work tirelessly to ensure that you get quality work in efficient timescales. We’ll run through any work we do and never conduct work without getting your approval first.

Alloy wheel repairs

If your alloy wheels are looking a little worse for wear, we can get them back up to scratch. We offer quality alloy wheel repairs to keep your tyres looking and driving great! If you think you need alloy wheel repairs, bring your car to us or book online and we’ll provide you with a full and accurate quote on your repairs. With your say so, we get the work done to the highest standards for shiny, new alloy wheels! Book bodywork and welding online using our booking tool. It’s available 24 hours and just tell us a bit about what you’re looking for. You don’t need to pay until the work is done and we always provide you with a full breakdown and costings before getting started on repairs. Contact us today for more information.

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