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The latest technology in air conditioning servicing

At Abbey Auto Repairs we like to stay ahead of the game, that’s why we only ever use the latest equipment and training to provide an even higher quality for all your car maintenance. When it comes to your air conditioning servicing, repairs and re-gas, we provide competitive rates, efficient services and a friendly face to ensure you stay cool in the summer.

The latest air conditioning equipment

We’ve invested in the latest air conditioning equipment to ensure that we can provide quality repairs for our customers. This allows us to diagnose any faults, check the pressure of your refrigerant gas and check for any leaks accurately. We do all this when you get a service at Abbey Auto Repairs. It ensures that no leaks or blockages are missed, and your air conditioning system continues to run smoothly year after year.

The latest R1234 refrigerant gas

From 2017 onwards, car manufacturers have had to change the refrigerant that has been used in your air conditioning systems. New cars these days are now filled with a more environmentally friendly refrigerant with a lower Global Warming Potential. This refrigerant gas, R1234yf is available in our garage in Hamble. It means that even the newest cars can get their car air conditioning serviced with us without having to go to their main dealer. It also means that all our servicing is kept under warranty.

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Signs your air conditioning needs repairing

If your air conditioning isn’t cooling down as quickly as it used to or isn’t blowing any cold air out at all, it might be time for a re-gas. Your air conditioning system leaks out from the vents and joints about 10% of the refrigerant gas each year, as this gets low the system starts to become inefficient. If you’re also noticing an unpleasant smells or pools of condensation, then you might need your system cleaned out and checked for any leaks and blocks. Over time, daily dust and dirt can escape into the system which can cause bacteria build up. If not treated with anti-bacterial properties and checked for leaks it can cause serious problems with your air conditioning.

Air conditioning service

Getting a regular service for your air conditioning can ensure that it runs smoothly for longer. Your air conditioning is useful in keeping you cool during the hotter months in warm cars and helps keep the air dry in your system for a more comfortable journey. It also removes any condensation in your car and demists windows in the wetter and colder months.

Book your air conditioning repairs online

You can book 24-hours online with our booking tool for all your air conditioning repairs and servicing. If you’re not sure if you need repairs, we can provide free health checks and visual inspections. We may need to check out your car first before we can provide an accurate quote if repairs are needed. Get in touch today or book online anytime.

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